Product Listing - H-Brand Range

Duralex Paints is proud to partner with HBT to bring members a ‘house brand’ of outstanding quality paint. The interior and exterior paint is well beyond ‘entry’ level and is the equal of, or superior in quality to, the big 4 Australian paint brands.

Duralex Paints is the only manufacturer that has made exclusively water based paint since the day they started in 1946. With a long list of technological firsts over the decades, our family owned and run company continues the tradition of outstanding quality, advice and service.

Duralex Paints H-brand range of Premium Quality products for interior and exterior applications is available exclusively to HBT stores. The distinctive labels designed in-house (in conjuction with HBT) by Duralex’s graphic designer, projects a cohesive and organised image, providing members with a necessary tool to compete with the other house brands on offer.

Check out the HBT website with the H-brand range of architectural coatings manufactured by Duralex Paints at