Toll Manufacturing

Duralex Factory


A family owned and operated business with over 70 years experience in water-based coating chemistry.

Our facility has been built with flexibility in mind and our company strength is in toll manufacturing to your exacting standards. Whether we are manufacturing your formula or ours, we are able to turn around your product quickly and efficiently and large enough to meet all your production demands.

Our on-site laboratory and dedicated chemist will oversee your product from start to finish for the highest level of testing and quality control.

Should you desire advice or help with formulating your product, our chemist is here to help!

Additionally, Duralex has an inhouse Graphic Designer who can assist you in the design and packaging of your products.

With mixing vessels of 100 Ltr to 7000 Ltr capacity and filling capability to as little as 500mL we have all your toll manufacturing needs covered.

For further information please contact our chemist Vivien on her email address: [email protected].

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