Our History

Old Duralex Building


DURALEX might be new to some people, but in fact it has been operating since 1946.

Some people wrongly assume that the name DURALEX is used in a endeavour to imitate the name Dulux. When DURALEX was formed in 1946, Dulux was trading under the name of B.A.L.M. Paints - not Dulux. "Duralex" was derived from the word "Durable".

The saying "Jack of all trades and master of none" shaped the company’s policy. For that reason, the fledgling, new and yet undeveloped field of water based paints was chosen.

In those days almost every surface coating contained organic solvents of some kind, white lead and red lead were the norm, and DURALEX figured there had to be a better way.

The company’s determination to specialise has certainly paid off, for it is now a prosperous private company and achieving a number of industry "firsts" along the way.

Resin Tone

Two years after DURALEX was formed, it was forging ahead in the water-based paints field to develop and market a completely washable and scrubbable interior/exterior all weather waterbased product, "RESIN TONE". It was popular and the only completely brush-clog free paint of its type on the market. Yes, DURALEX discovered the secret of emulsifying resin in water so that it did not clog brushes. Its durability on exteriors exceeded 14 years.

In the 1950’s most walls due for repainting, inside and outside, were badly chalked, either from old, decomposed water paints or calcimine.

Duralex saw the need for an effective surface binder and was the first company to bring out a water-based binder for interior/exterior use. It was called "KALSO SEAL", and sold in hundreds of thousands of gallons for peeling ceilings and walls.


This caused quite a stir in the paint trade.

The Kalso-Seal product filled a real and vital need and became extremely successful. Surface binders are still with us today. Volume sales are, of course, no longer there as calcimine and powdery water paints are virtually gone. (A current updated version of Kalso Seal is DURALEX SURFACE BINDER).

In 1957 DURALEX launched another "first" - this time a WORLD FIRST - a water based sealer undercoat which could be applied directly over tar, bitumen and smoke stains and not bleed through, called BLEED SEAL. Bleed Seal is still very popular and very highly esteemed, even by DURALEX competitors. It fills a real need in repainting smoke damaged buildings after a fire.

It was three years later in 1960 that DURALEX introduced a product that was to have a GIGANTIC impact not only in Australia but in the rest of the world: the first GLOSS ACRYLIC PAINT. This world "first" developed after many years of research by DURALEX, was confirmed as a world breakthrough by such bodies as the Society of British Paint Manufacturers, the National Paint, Varnish and Lacquer Association, Washington USA, and the Canadian Paint and Lacquer Association. It goes without saying that acrylic paints are here to stay.

Kalso Surface Binder

The reputation of DURALEX is first-rate and at its nucleus is the fulfilled hopes and dreams of 1946.

DURALEX now offer the BEST QUALITY at AFFORDABLE prices.