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Anti Mould Retail / Trade Pack

Anti Mould Additive

Duralex Anti Mould is an additive for paints, adhesives, grout and mortar; active ingredient 89g/L octhilinone.

USES (Interior & Exterior)

Product is suitable for water based and solvent based paint, mortar, grout and textured coatings.



For more detailed instructions ask for a product information sheet.

Sizes 1 Litre sold in Cartons of 3
Ventilation Allow adequate ventilation when painting indoors during and after use to dissipate solvent vapour.
Clean Up Wash all equipment with clean water; any dried spots may be removed using methylated spirits.
IMPORTANT Keep out of reach of children. To avoid spoilage of paint, keep container sealed when not in use.
Environment VERY toxic to aquatic life with long lasting effects. AVOID release into the environment.