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3in1 Treatment for Ferrous Metal Surfaces

Duralex rustCONVERT™ rust converter, primer, sealer is a 3in1 treatment for ferrous metal surfaces. It is a unique polymer coating that chemically converts heavy and flaking prepared rust to a stable black sound surface that is ready to apply Duralex primers and paints. 

USES (Interior & Exterior)

Duralex rustCONVERT™ is ideal for the treatment and preparation of heavy and flaking rust on steel structures including trailer body and chassis, building frames, roof, gutters, sheds, balustrades, wrought iron and fencing, etc. 


Milky appearance which dries clear.

For more detailed instructions ask for a product information sheet.

Sizes 250mL, 500mL, 1 Litre, 5 Litre and 10 Litre.
Coverage Up to 12-14m² per Litre per coat.
Ventilation Allow adequate ventilation when painting indoors during and after use to dissipate water vapour.
Clean Up Do not pour leftover paint down the drain. Wash all equipment with clean water. Any dried spots may be removed using methylated spirits and a clean cloth.
IMPORTANT Keep out of reach of children. To avoid spoilage of paint, keep container sealed when not in use.